Monday, December 5, 2011

:: ♥ masquarade night ♥ ::

hye bloggers.
Ballroom Hotel Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur

take note oke!
the best nite forever :)
i enjoyed myself

pictures can tell everything :)

ladies night 2011
for ladies only taw!
thats the best

ice carving 
awas! ais mencair..

nak pose lebih cket bley tak?

theme : masquarade 
wajib ad mask taw..
that's my mask!

snap one pic for me !
thanks to all

she my best fren!
tunku sherin reina tunku ibrahim 


credit to my bff
 ♥ this pic very much!

suka sangat gambar ni 
you understand me lah sherin!

nice mask!
they are so0 beutiful

sebenarnya nak tunjukk heels tue!
auto malan tu i jadi tinggi taw :)

unique one!

my bff also!
nur farhana sabari
i like ur style

macam-macam ad!
everyone happy with their clothes

nice one!

she's like a teacher!
but she's doctor to be taw :)

i love both of you!

we are always together :)

sama tinggi taw 

jangan pandang sebelah mata taw!


 my bodyguard

 i like that mask!!
very simple one :)

seriously i love this pic
 ♥ ♥ ♥

sekian untuk entry bergambar ini.
kalau suka like taw!
sayang you all

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