Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paya Indah Wetland soo nice (:

hello peeps
dah bersawang kot blog nie
i'm sorry because i do not have enough time with this
really wanna write here everyday
but i can't
actually i write this entry today because i wanna share the picture
the picture that i take myself
tak sangka dapat join photography team
an amazing
i really really love it
and i kena belajar banyak lagi..
hasil 3hari 2malam di Paya Indah Wetlands

kiteorg pom brpeluang belajar banyak benda
from picture we tell many stories to other
the meaning of life

shoot a model
bnyak angle yang kena amek
banyak yang kena fikir
yang paling penting you must be creative
to be a photographer is imposibble
but imposibble is nothing


saya budak baru belajar

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